AVG Removal Tool to the Rescue

A computer virus is a great nuisance to many users corrupting important files, slowing down the system, or even causing frequent freezes or crashes. The availability of many antivirus programs to use as a default antivirus program on your computer against malicious threats is definitely a big relief to users. Maintaining a fast system performance and keeping your computer secured and protected have become quite easy tasks now because of these antivirus programs. One of the best and at the same time, an absolutely free antivirus most users can rely on is the AVG.AVG Removal Tool to the Rescue

Although many users are very much satisfied with the features and functions they can get from this free antivirus program, some are still seem too restless in search for a better antivirus program, uninstalling one and installing another. Removing AVG antivirus is however, not an easy task to perform. While uninstalling this program, there are some problems you can encounter like the program refusing to uninstall itself, the removal process fails, computer freezes and many others.

You may have tried removing it using the traditional way with the Control Panel, but the program still leaves some parts of it on your computer. Now with the use of a more effective method like the AVG Removal Tool, you can guarantee that all the files associated with your AVG installation such as registry items, Virus Vaults, installation files, user files, etc. will be totally removed, leaving you a clean and free computer from any AVG hidden files which can possibly chew up some of your hard disk space. Once the uninstallation process is done, all the AVG user settings, contents and other related items will be removed. Because of this, users should be very careful in saving important data before launching the program. You will then be required to restart the computer to complete the uninstallation process and you’re done!

AVG Removal Tool is a simple yet very useful tool clearing all unwanted files left by AVG antivirus on your computer.