VLC Review

Are you an avid lover of movies? Undoubtedly, despite the busy schedule you may have, you still try to squeeze an hour or two just to watch your favorite movie. Yes, a lot of movie lovers have found this hobby as a good way to release the negative stress they have for an entire day of work or study. We usually find them haunched on their computers and devices with so much excitement as the movie begins, and eagerly wait for weekends to come so they can add up more hours in front of their Macs or PCs. But what if a certain movie does not play for you? It falls down to the file format which may not be compatible with the media player you have. What could be done about this? Is there any available application that could play just any video format you throw at it? Definitely yes, and that’s where VLC Media Player comes in.

VLC Review1

VLC Media Player is a portable media player that can play various video formats which include MPEG-4, MP3, DivX, OGG, DVD, MKV, AVI, MOV and Xvid. Sometimes, it can even play broken or incomplete files, which can be a lifesaver for some. It has the option for a free video playback, and now, those users who have upgraded their VLC for Mac can now get frame-by-frame advancement on their videos, live recording of streaming video, and granular speed controls that will allow for a slower and faster video playback. Moreover, the toolbars are customizable, you can choose the buttons that you only need to show in the interface. VLC now even allow AirTunes streaming and integration in Gtk environments. It constantly provides the users a wide range of support for laying a lot of video and audio formats aside from above mentioned, as well as the ability to playback zipped files.

Your VLC for Mac has also it own equalizer, meaning, you can customize it based on your own taste in sound. You can also configure it in such a way that it displays media files in the order that you like and repeat those ones you love to hear. With this short VLC Review, you can now have a hint of how VLC can improve your media experience. A movie lover or not you may be, VLC Media Player is still a must-have tool for your Mac.