Some of the Interesting facts about Thomas Jefferson

The third president to take office in the United States was Thomas Jefferson. This may sound boring. However, learning interesting facts about Thomas Jefferson may give a different light to his life.

For a lot of people, most especially for those who became the president of the US already, the said title would always be for the books. Well, in the history of the said country, the place was led by 43 presidents already. All of these were men. With this, the accomplishment can be highlighted for the rest of the person’s life.

In the tombstone of Jefferson, he decided to list down three among his accomplishments. Even if being a president sounds excellent, he did not point this out as attainments. There was actually more to him than being the politician that he was.

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Other things you should know about Jefferson

It may be surprising to know that Jefferson might have had an iPad, given the chance. Well, this can be attributed to his keenness to science. He also had the same view with technology and innovation. He had his own favorite devices as well. This occurred as he was rotating over the bookstand. There was even a time when could not hold the books already. Just imagine him opening multiple tabs on the internet while browsing.

Jefferson was also known for being a great grandfather. He was a grandfather to almost 12 children. Most of these kids were able to live all at the same time. There were times in his life when he would initiate in organizing races. This was meant for the kids. They would be seen around the enormous lawns which are in Monticello. Jefferson also taught his kids various things like playing chess. There was also this game they were fond of playing. They liked to call it Goose. This was known as the very first board game in the US. This could be compared to Chutes and Ladders in the present time.

When Jefferson was still a little boy, he would always be seen playing with his friends. This was the time when the built Monticello. He was fond of exploring streams, creeks and even the woods. His bones could be compared to mastodon. This was an animal which survived 40 million years ago. It can be compared to an elephant, as far as the physical appearance is concerned. This was sent to him directly to the White House. This was the time when he had to lay the bones out. This was now seen in the East Room. This occurred because they were attempting to build a skeleton.

Jefferson was also very keen of books. To say he was in love with them is an understatement. In his house, he had almost 6,486 books. He decided to have his personal library when the Library of Congress was burnt in the year 1814. This occurred when the restocking transpired. He was also into writing letters. He was able to write 19,000 letters in his lifetime.