Wonderful William Howard Taft Facts

William Howard Taft was born almost a century ago. While he was still in the office, he became popular not just for his leadership skill, but also, for his massive personality. Well, take his facial hair for example. He was the very last president to rock that kind of look. It was odd that this was a part of William Howard Taft facts. The administrations of Taft and Lincoln were able to boast some fuss. This was very evident on their face. William was the 27th president. He left the White House in the year 1913. This was far from the conventional clean-shaved candidates. These were said to monopolize the post.


The family of Taft was able to maintain their dynasty. This was observed for quite a long time. He has a son named Robert. He was considered to be the Mr. Republican. He was known to be one of the influential senators there is in the twentieth century. There were different executive duties which were able to be handled by George W. Bush and Ronald Reagan during this time.

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There was a time when a dairy expo sent almost two days because of a missing milk from a cow. This involved Pauline Wayne. Way back, she was admired for her bovine beauty. She was given as a gift. This present originated from Winconsin Senator named Isaac Stephenson. The mentioned cow was able to produce at least eight gallons of daily milk. This was served directly to the first family. They were able to sense that the mentioned was a crowd pleaser. With this in mind, The International Dairymen’s Exposition decided to transport the cow all the way from DC to that of Milwaukee. Even if this was the case though, the train car of Pauline was wounded up in the process. This led to them losing their route. Telegraphing was reportedly done here. Two days after the incident, the cow was discovered in a stockyard in Chicago. She was so close to being slaughtered.


Needless to say, William would be identified and remembered because of his stint on Pennsylvania Avenue. There was a time when he was being pinned in 1889 for the Judicial Branch. He was able to become the Chief Justice way back in the year 1921. He even declared he can no longer remember being a president.


Taft was the very first to initiate the presidential first pitch. Taft was able to lob a low-flying ball snagged by Walter Johnson. This occurred during the start of the Washington Senators game in the year 1910. It might be surprising but who would have thought that after one hundred four years, the incident would turn out to be a tradition observed.

There was a time when Lady Helen Herron Taft, the first lady of William, grabbed a front-row seat in the Democratic national Convention held in Baltimore. She did this by staring down from orator to orator. This included William Jennings Bryan who was from Nebraska that time.