Is Khloe Kardashian Pregnant? The Truth Finally Revealed

The Kardashians are probably among the most talked about families in the USA. Once again, one of their family members made the headline with the million-dollar question: Is Khloe Kardashian pregnant with Tristan Thompson’s baby? Many fans of the Kardashians are dying to know the truth to this very recent pregnancy rumor.

Back in 2013, rumors spread that Khloe was pregnant with Matt Kemp’s child after a picture of her with a baby bump circulated on the Internet.

However, as much as Khloe wanted to get pregnant, the rumor was not true. The Kardashian family addressed the controversy via an interview with Hollywood Life.

Khloe, the youngest among the Kardashian sisters wishes to have kids of her own. According to her family, she is determined to have a baby this year, with or without a man.

While Khloe was married for 7 years to Lamar Odom, a famous basketball player, they never had a child together.

Shortly after her divorce with Odom, Khloe went back to the dating scene. She was linked to a number of famous men which included Tristan Thompson.

Tristan Thompson is a Canadian basketball player. He plays in the NBA as the Cleveland Cavaliers forward. The two have been dating for over four months and fans are swooning over their relationship status.

As for the pregnancy rumors, Khloe shut it down through a Snapchat post showing her and Thompson drinking wine on their date.

According to sources, Khloe is head over heels for Thompson. The same can also be said for Tristan who might be open to having kids with Khloe K. After all, Double T is already a father to her ex-girlfriend’s son, Prince.

Is Khloe Kardashian pregnant? Sadly, no. For now, we know that people will keep tabs on the fate of the couple.

Fans will surely hope that these two will end with a happily ever after, especially because just a few days ago, news about the couple’s alleged breakup spread all over social media.